About Amnon Shaked

 Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage

Anais Nin

Hi, I’m Amnon.
I coach CEOs and business leaders, working closely and intensively, using a program based on 40 years of experience as a manager, entrepreneur and coach. I am a long-distance runner, and view courage, effort and persistence as my highest values. This is true for the entire range of my experience, ranging from the many years of my management career to my home and loving family, without which, my life would not be complete.  As of today, I have worked with more than 400 CEOs and senior managers.

Why CEOs?

My decision to focus on CEO coaching stemmed from my deep passion to assist, instruct and offer a helping hand to those situated in the most influential positions. The more I worked with the highest-ranking executives, the more I realized that working with CEOs has the most fundamental and direct influence on the growth of the entire organization. Moreover, I discovered that even though the CEO holds the most demanding and challenging position in their organization, most enter their position possessing considerable knowledge, but lacking preparation and support that could empower them.

For years now, I have devoted myself to exceptional people who want not only to reach the summit but also to enjoy the view from above, stress-free. These are the people whose hands are on the steering wheel, but who also value experienced navigation tools that can successfully help them maneuver around corners and turns, instill confidence and remove obstacles from their way.

I’ve been there. I am well acquainted with the feeling of being alone at the top, the heavy weight of responsibility, the need to measure up to expectations, to produce measurable results, to be productive and creative, but not take too many risks. I have had an intensive and challenging career, replete with a variety of growth, crisis and recovery situations, starting with the important milestone breakup of the Bezek monopoly (the 073 area code is of my doing), and including mergers, restructuring and the handling of major bankruptcies. My path has not always been easy or untroubled. However, the marathon runner in me knew that muscles only grow in response to exertion. I worked hard to stretch and expand my potential and I succeeded in rising from each situation, each time a little more competent, strong, and wise. As in a marathon, I learned “to run with my heart.” To point in the direction in which I wanted to advance, to distribute my workload wisely, to navigate through challenges, to face obstacles, and to progress in a balanced and sensible manner. And mainly to pay attention and breathe deeply. To develop “CEO muscles”.

What do people say about me?

It’s true. My coaching is a little strict. Uncompromising, persistent. Challenging. I will always tell you the truth. I won’t cut corners or go halfway. I will force you to go outside your comfort zone.
But I also open my heart and bring to my coaching sensitivity, acceptance, and support. I am available at all hours and in any situation. I am a true friend, totally involved, and a full partner in your journey. I know how to create an environment that promotes trust and confidence while delving deeply into emotions and succeeding in opening your heart.
My ability to be a motivator for others, a source of strength and power, to provide clear and practical guidance that reflects what is right for you, is my life’s mission.

Quotes from CEOs that I had the privilege to coach:

“Every session with Amnon led to concrete courses of action.”
“Amnon analyzes every situation brilliantly.”
“Amnon tells it like it is.”
“Amnon has an exceptional way of thinking.”
“Two words that describe Amnon: heart and courage.”

Experience and Education

  • Senior management coach, CEO and business leader consultant
  • Certified mediator
  • Lecturer and workshop leader in the fields of management, career and leadership
  • Senior member of the CFO Forum and member of the advisory committee to the Bank of Israel
    35 years of experience as a manager and entrepreneur in leading companies (Tevel, Hot, Globakol, Barak NetVision and other start-up companies).
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Master of Business Administration from Tel Aviv University

My Specialty

  • Dedicated senior coaching for CEOs, focusing on the challenges and dilemmas that CEOs face, within the wider perspective of organizational growth
  • Guidance of managers who are aspiring to become CEOs in building a promising and self-confident path to success
  • Management of large profit and loss systems based on operational and technological resources
  • Development of a corporate culture and core values to build strong management
  • Market analysis, business development and business systems leadership
  • Financial management: Budgeting, finances, reports, credit and banking, investors
  • Interaction with shareholders and directors

 More about me

I am a dedicated athlete and marathon runner, including ultramarathons. I am adept at anticipating the future, focused on making progress, and persistent – all characteristics common to both marathon runners and CEOs.
I volunteer as a youth mentor for various organizations.
I am happily married to Ofrah and the proud father of three wonderful children: Guy, Atar and Ofri.

I will be by your side, with dedication and determination, whether in a personal or group setting, serving as a Chair in the international coaching organization, Vistage.

Sincerely yours, Amnon.

Your breakthrough to success starts here and now.

1. CEO coaching is also the organizational coaching

2. Effectiveness, intelligence, and flexibility

3. Balance, security, and inner strength

4. Clarity and confidence in the program

5. 360-degree management